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ProMETA offers theological education at Masters level in theology and leadership. This is a de-centralized concept which enables leaders to continue their education without having to leave their ministries or countries.

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ProMETA has re-imagined theological education for an international and virtual learning environment. Our challenge is to be an institution which is recognized for offering transformative learning in community. During the past decade ProMETA has established a reputation for excellence in international online teaching at the graduate level. It’s faculty has one of the highest concentrations of PhD’s in Latin America. These professors come from a variety of academic backgrounds; they bring a wealth of their own ministry experiences to student learning. ProMETA not only .brings exceptional theological training to your doorstep but it also makes it possible for you to continue with your work and ministry, while you continue your studies. ProMETA students who have finished their course of study have the opportunity to receive an internationally-recognized master’s diploma. ProMETA could be your most affordable financial option because: 1)programs are 100% online, 2)there is no time limit for completing your degree, 3)costs are comparable with other similar programs, 4)there are scholarships available and 5) you can significantly reduce the cost of your studies by helping ProMETA to recruit students.