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roMETA’s education system is unique and effective. It offers opportunities for participating in a100% online, high quality educational environment. There are no in-person courses, so no need to leave home or your ministry. There is no need to know English or any other languages as all of the readings and online interaction are in Spanish.

Although ProMETA is a virtual postgraduate program, don’t be afraid of being lonely! You will not be studying alone as you will be part of a virtual learning community, made up of 8 to 15 people who start and finish the course with you. You will not only learn on this course but you will also make friends, with your professor and with colleagues from various other parts of the Spanish-speaking world.

You will have many opportunities for interacting with other people and for working on joint projects. Each course normally includes ‘asynchronous discussion forums’ where the students participate in enriching discussions. ‘Asynchronous’ means that you can participate in discussions when it is convenient for you, usually over the period of a week.  It is not necessary to participate in a ‘synchronous’ learning environment with your group.

ProMETA professors usually prefer to evaluate their students’ progress through projects, readings and class discussions instead of by means of quantitative examinations. ProMETA’s teaching and learning philosophy aims to help people to solve difficult problems and to think creatively and critically. The best way to promote this type of learning is through projects.